Several people take part in a meditation course to have more relaxation and concentration in everyday life.
4 suggestions for better concentration and relaxation
In the winter season, we find it difficult to relax or simply concentrate for a longer period of time. We provide you with four solutions here.
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April 12, 2022

With the onset of autumn, as the days get shorter and darker, it is natural that we tend to spend more time indoors and thinking about our physical and mental balance. Let's look at some new methods to help us figure out the body's natural balance from the inside.Core training for the body is all about inner strength and balance. To maintain and improve health, one must also focus on developing the inner balance of body, mind and spirit. We have listed 4 ideas that are easy to integrate into everyday life and will enable you to balance the body's energy and well-being this winter.

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Meditation has become increasingly mainstream as scientists have proven its positive effects on stress levels, concentration and overall health. As you learn to calm your mind, your brain waves actively change. This increases the brain's ability to concentrate and the body's ability to recover. It is not necessary to spend a whole hour on this. Just start with 5 or 10 minutes a day after getting up to notice thoughts and feelings that fill your mind and allow you to accept the presence within you. This is important in everyday life - not the time you spend on it.

Balanced self-care: body, mind and spirit

Training sessions are not everything. How could I feel if I integrated all dimensions - body, mind and soul? - Whether this is done in a group class or with a personal trainer? More fun and enjoyment and, in the end, better results. We are all aware of the connection between body and soul. Spend a little time looking at each of these aspects. Above all, it's about balance.

Conscious breathing

Breathing is closely linked to health, stress levels and through this, the ability to recover and be in harmony with the environment. Deep abdominal breathing is also closely linked to the flow of energy in the body and all systems based on flow: This involves the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and nervous systems. Conscious breathing can improve the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, increase healthy organ functioning and lower blood pressure.Resisting the natural flow of life results in shallow breathing and reduced energy. So start breathing consciously and deeply today. These exercises will help you focus better and stay relaxed.

Energy therapy and treatment

There are many scientific studies that prove that with any kind of energy therapy, the brain waves resonate with the same frequency and the same current as the biomagnetic resonance of the earth (- 7.8 Hz). A balancing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain also occurs. An energy treatment puts the brain waves into the alpha or even theta state. We usually spend our usual active, busy and stressful lives in the beta state. This type of therapy can create a deep sense of relaxation and affect you on all levels - of body, mind and spirit. Through energy therapy you will strengthen the core in your body and with it the innate ability to maintain balance on all levels.

Not every therapy is for everyone, but everyone needs your balance in life, which includes the body, mind and spirit. This autumn you can notice the comprehensive meditation, balanced self-care and conscious breathing in your life. Get another perspective of what core training can really mean by integrating these three dimensions into your workout and consciously moving towards inner balance.

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