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A woman takes part in a cycling class at a Holmes Place gym.

Cycling Classes

Discover our popular indoor cycling classes in our Holmes Place Clubs and cycle away the pounds with lots of fun!
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.

Why should you take a Cycling Class at Holmes Place?

Cycling is an endurance training on special bike ergometers. You will be supervised by a qualified trainer and constantly accompanied by music. Cycling classes take place in small groups, where you will experience a small trip on the mountains and roads of this world. In addition, different levels of difficulty are performed on the ergometer, sprints are implemented and individual upper body exercises are completed.  

  • Joint-friendly and highly effective training session
  • Training intensity is adapted to the individual
  • Cardiovascular system is stressed and conditional abilities are improved
  • Metabolism is boosted (fat loss) and helps against stress
Cycling Classes

Our classes

Here you will find an overview of the classes that we offer as well as further information about the classes.

SHIFT Cycling

Several people take part in a very intensive cycling training by SHIFT by Holmes Place.

Indoor Cycling Classes

A woman takes part in an indoor cycling class at a gym.

Indoor Cycling in Hamburg

Indoor Cycling in Steglitz

Indoor Cycling in Mitte

Indoor Cycling in Charlottenburg

Indoor Cycling in Berlin

Indoor Cycling in Lübeck

Indoor Cycling in Essen

Indoor Cycling in Cologne

Indoor Cycling in Düsseldorf

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