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A woman in swimming gear takes an aqua class at a Holmes Place gym.

Aqua Classes

As Holmes Place gyms are equipped with pools, we can offer fitness classes in the water. These include aqua fitness, floatfit HIIT, circuit training in the pool and much more.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.

What makes the Aqua group classes at Holmes Place gyms so special?

Aqua group classes are energy-consuming and primarily exercise the cardiovascular capacity. Blood flow in the pulmonary system is increased, thus enhancing respiratory muscles. Conditional abilities (here strength and endurance) are also strengthened.

  • Aquafitness is suitable for everyone and not only a senior sport
  • This Full body workout is an ideal fat burner
  • Joints are stabilized and ligaments are supported preventively
  • Body circulation is significantly increased
Aqua Classes

Our classes

Here you will find an overview of the classes that we offer as well as further information about the classes.

Swim training Classes

A woman in swimming gear prepares to swim a lane in a pool.

Water gymnastics Classes

Three women take a break at the edge of the pool during a water gymnastics class.

Swim Training in Hamburg


Water gymnastics in Hamburg Altona


Water gymnastics in Hamburg

Swim Training in Berlin

Water gymnastics in Berlin Steglitz

Water gymnastics in Berlin Neukölln

Water gymnastics in Berlin Mitte

Water gymnastics in Berlin Charlottenburg

Water gymnastics in Berlin

Swim Training in Lübeck

Water gymnastics in Lübeck

Sorry, no Classes found.

Swim training in Köln

Water gymnastics in Köln

Swim Training in Düsseldorf

Water gymnastics in Düsseldorf

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