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The 7 chakras of your body at a glance
The 7 chakras are the 7 energy centres of our body. Blocking the energy that flows through our body in each chakra can often have negative effects. Understanding what each of the 7 chakras means will help you maintain this positive energy flow for a fulfilling and happy life.
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April 7, 2022

Root/Base Chakra

The root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, by the perineum or tailbone. This chakra wears the colour red and as it is closest to the ground, it is associated with basic survival issues such as: Food or financial independence. It also controls the flight or fight response. Blocking this chakra can lead to anxiety, paranoia, defensiveness or procrastination.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located just above the spine, about 5 cm below the navel and is orange in colour. This chakra represents passion, desire, creativity, sexuality, procreation, vitality and general well-being. Blocking this chakra may lead to compulsive or obsessive behaviour, emotional problems and sexual shame.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located a few centimetres above the navel on the solar plexus. This chakra is associated with anger, joy, laughter and personal power. Your ambition, sensitivity and general abilities are located in this area. This chakra is yellow in colour. If the solar plexus is blocked then it may result in disorientation, frustration, anger and victim consciousness.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, which is the colour green, is the centre of love and provides compassion, peace and harmony. When one falls in love, it happens in the heart chakra and then moves through the solar plexus and root chakra. Blocking the heart chakra leads to problems with the immune system, heart or lungs and manifests as a lack of compassion, inhumanity or immoral behaviour.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra is located within the larynx. It is the centre of creativity, communication, judgement and self-expression and contains inner feelings and general truths. The throat chakra, whose colour is blue or turquoise, affects inner and outer hearing, purification and transformation, the healing process and the development of ideas. Blocking this chakra could cause dishonesty, creativity holes and general communication problems.

Third eye or brow chakra

The third eye or, brow chakra is found in the centre of the forehead, either on or just above the eye area. This chakra is for questioning, perception and knowledge, which includes intuition, inner sight and wisdom. The colour of this chakra is indigo or blue-violet. The forehead chakra encompasses your present life dreams and past life memories. If this chakra is blocked then it could result in mental rigidity, lack of foresight, depression and selective memory.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located above the crown of the head and is associated with understanding, information, acceptance and bliss. This chakra, which is purple in colour, is considered a personal connection to God. If this chakra is blocked then it could lead to psychological problems.If you take care of your seven chakras then you can fully utilise your spiritual energy and will feel truly alive and stress free.

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