Christopher Harrison, the inventor of AntiGravity, practices Antigravity Yoga.
Flying high with Christopher Harrison - the inventor of AntiGravity®
Flying high with Christopher Harrison - the inventor of AntiGravity®
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April 1, 2022

Get to know the inventor of AntiGravity® in our exclusive interview.

If there's one sport that makes you feel free as a bird, it's AntiGravity® by Christopher Harrison. Thanks to the partnership with Holmes Place, this type of workout has been able to spread quickly in Europe, from Germany to Spain and Portugal. But who is the man from whom this concept originated? Meet AntiGravity® creator Christopher Harrison, - the dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur - behind this fantastic new sport.Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity® as an entertainment company in the early 90s. While AntiGravity® proved highly beneficial to entertainers who used the art on the hammock night after night in their programs, Harrison realized others could benefit as well. That's why he developed AntiGravity® yoga and fitness classes, which we offer exclusively at Holmes Place.This new generation of suspension fitness combines the original philosophy and poses from yoga with components from calisthenics, Pilates, dance, aerial arts and gymnastics. This fitness method allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of yoga without feeling the strain of performing these exercises on the floor. The principle of gravity allows participants to have a physical and mental release on the one hand, and a brilliant workout and a lot of fun on the other.For yoga newbies or people who may be new to the fitness world, this workout may seem a bit risky or even impossible. Since people are always a little shy at first in a new class because they don't know what they are getting into, it is the AntiGravity® instructors who have a very good approach and create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere when teaching this new fitness technique. Try it out and don't be afraid to try something new.Christopher Harrison was just at Holmes Place in Portugal, where we were able to learn more about his course that took the world by storm.For the inventor, it's quite clear why this new sport is generating so much excitement and enthusiasm - it was born out of a passion and that passion continues to spread.

Der Eingangsbereich eines Premium Fitness Clubs mit Sitz-und Essmöglichkeiten geht direkt in einen Kardio-Trainingsbereich über.

Would you say that AntiGravity® represents you, the inventor?

Yes, because I was born with the gift of somersaults in the air. I've had this passion all my life and AntiGravity® is my expression of that passion.

The hammock is, so to speak, the main piece of fitness equipment in this workout. What can this fitness tool do that others cannot?

The exercises on the so-called Christopher Harrison hammock massage, lengthen and strengthen the muscles and at the end of each course the hammock serves as a cocoon that "embraces" our body and into which we can take what we have learned. These natural functions of AntiGravity® make it easy for you to combine the physical challenges with the knowledge of asanas, with meditation and the discipline of yoga and all its benefits. You will discover all these positive effects not only during the exercises but also after the course , when back pain is relieved, decompression occurs and joints and their connections are freed.

What is the main benefit of AntiGravity®?

Everyone will feel lighter after the course - we guarantee that. Once our body systems are recharged, a neurotransmitter is released from the brain (which fights depression, among other things), muscle cells have grown and lengthened, joints are hydrated, and everyone has at least one hearty laugh. In addition, you have a very good holistic workout in the training and your thoughts become more focused again. In addition, with AntiGravity® you grow taller as our spine expands and lengthens by up to two centimeters per day.

And the benefits aren't just for the body...?

The fun factor is the most important thing! Why suffer during a high-rep workout when you can have the same effect playfully trying new moves on a hammock?

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