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A personal trainer motivates his client during functional training at a Holmes Place gym.

Personal Training in Essen

Are you interested in personal training in Essen? At our Holmes Place Club in Essen Rüttenscheid, we also offer personal training. Work on your goals effectively and with great pleasure with an individual training programme.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.
Clubs with pool, Personal Training, Classes and Digital Workout.

Personal Training in Essen

Holmes Place Club Essen-Rüttenscheid: Fackenburger Allee 3, 23554 Lübeck

You want to surpass yourself and realise your full potential to achieve your individual fitness goals? Our experienced personal trainers in Essen are at your side and support you with training plans, nutrition tips and the right motivation to achieve your dream shape. In order to optimally adapt your goals to you and guarantee success, a body scan will be carried out with you in the first place.

The benefits of personal training:

  • Individual goals are achieved quickly & efficiently
  • Professional tips help with your workout
  • Your medical background is taken into account
  • Personal body scan
Ein Personal Trainer bereitet sich in einem Functional Trainingsbereich vor einem Klienten eine Übung zu zeigen.Ein Personal Trainer motiviert einen Klienten beim Training im Functional Trainingsbereich in einem Holmes Place Fitnessstudio.

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every goal needs a plan!

Personal Training in Essen

Find your personal trainer at Holmes Place in Essen

Holmes Place Club Essen-Rüttenscheid (Girardet-Straße 14, 45131 Essen)

Whether functional training, endurance or strength training, improving back pain or even swimming training - at our Holmes Place Club in Essen-Rüttenscheid you will find your:n suitable:n personal trainer:in for every focus. In our Holmes Place Club you can choose between PRO and ELITE trainers. All our trainers are highly qualified and will ensure that you reach your fitness goals in no time.
In the friendly ambience of our Premium Club, you can promote your health in a pleasant way and increase your well-being in the process. State-of-the-art training equipment, a beautiful sauna area and the cosy lounge round off the offer.

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